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A workshop was held in Herceghalom, Hungary on July 9/10, 1997 entitled "Standardized Criteria for the Andrological Examination of Bulls". All participants shared ideas and experiences across a wide spectrum of andrological techniques and approaches to the reproductive assessment of the bull. Decisions reached at the Workshop included the following:

1) A void was identified in existing scientific organizations. No current organization provides a forum to focus on the applied aspects of andrology in livestock species. In response to this apparent deficiency, participants at the Workshop proposed the establishment of such a scientific organization. Preliminary plans were made to establish the "Association for Applied Animal Andrology" as an international scientific society.

2 ) To establish a data base on young bulls, predominately of the Holstein breed, that enter artificial insemination organizations beginning on January 1, 1998. A committee was struck to identify criteria to be included in the data base and to ensure that the anonymity of individual bulls incorporated in the data base be maintained. Collaborating artificial insemination organizations are being sought. Further, financial support for the maintenance of the data base is being solicited.

The original objective of the Association is to stimulate and disseminate information on applied animal andrology. The inaugural formal activity was a meeting ot the Association, held in Herceghalom, Hungary, on November 25/26, 1998. The Andrology Meeting set the scene for regular, vital meetings to be held biennially, at least initially, and alternating between Europe and North America. A number of internationally respected individuals have already joined the Association.

Official Registration of the Association

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AAAA Founders

Dr. Glenn H. Coulter
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Peter J. Chenoweth,
ChenoVet Animal Andrology

Dr. Gyorgy Gabor
Herceghalom Research Institute, Herceghalom, Hungary

Mr. Tom Kroetch
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Garth R. Sasser
University of Idaho,
Moscow, Idaho, USA

Dr. Andras Kovacs
Herceghalom Research Institute, Herceghalom, Hungary